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1917-23La Baïonnette, Year ThreeText by G. de Pawlowski, Lucie Delarue-Mardrus and various other writers, illustrators Gus Bofa, Marco de Gastyne and others1917-23-2987.jpg
1915-22La Baïonnette - Year OneText by various authors and illustrators inclg. A. Guillaume, Fabiano, Fontan, Icart, Hérouard, Léonnec, Benjamin Rabier and others1915-22-2995.jpg
1916-24La Baïonnette, Year TwoText Léon Abric et Paul Weil, Abel Hermant et Vincent Hyspa, G. de Pawlowski and others, various illustrators inclg Albert Guillaume1916-24-2981.jpg
1919-20La Baïonnette, Year FiveText by Roland Dorgelès et O. Henry and others, illustrations by Marcel Capy, Moriss and others1919-20-2978.jpg
1918-13La Baïonnette, Year FourText by G. de Pawlowski and others, illustrations by G. K. Benda, Elisabeth Branly, Zig Brunner and others1918-13-2998.jpg
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